American Idol Season 10 Finale

at Tuesday, May 24, 2011
Watch American Idol Season 10 Finale, The 10th season of “American Idol” has had enough memorable moments to revitalize the Fox franchise at a crucial time in its history. New judges, a talented group of finalists and unpredictable outcomes have made this one of the most entertaining seasons in its decade-long run. Here are 10 of the highlights heading into the finale.

1. Welcome to ‘Idol,’ Steven Tyler!
The Aerosmith frontman was the incoming judge who raised a lot of eyebrows before the season even began. Nobody really knew what he had to offer or how he would react when evaluating contestants. But he didn’t take long to show what he’d contribute: a generally positive and rarely filtered irreverence that marked a huge change from the ultra-serious foursome of judges a year ago.

When he greeted Scotty McCreery’s audition with “Hellfire, save matches, f--- a duck and see what hatches,” it made no sense and caused everyone — including the other judges — to get that “what in the heck just happened?” expression. It was also humorous, supportive and fun, which accurately describes what Tyler has been all season — Paula Abdul with messier hair, a fouler mouth and a more colorful wardrobe.

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