Soeharto Profile And Biography

at Monday, May 16, 2011
Soeharto was born on 8 June 1921 from among ordinary people in the sub-village of Kemasuk - Yogyakarta - Indonesia, his father named Kartosoediro, a farmer, ulu-ulu, and rural workers water control, while his mother was Soekirah, shortly after birth Soeharto this couple divorced. Kartosoediro later married again, of his father's second marriage was Suharto's has 11 half brother.

Suharto's childhood passed with so hard, he had to move where to attend school and eventually settled Suharto at his aunt's house in the area Wuriantoro - Wonogiri - Central Java. This is where Suharto gain knowledge about farming from his uncle who worked as an orderly agriculture.

After graduating from elementary school Suharto continued to Schakel School Muhammadiyah schools in Wonogiri before becoming a soldier Suharto's first profession was as an assistant Clerk Village Bank. His army Career starting from become KNIL army and at the time of Japanese occupation Suharto later joined by PETA soldiers and when the proclamation was proclaimed to the entire Indonesian nation he joined the BKR army (People's Safety Agency) is the forerunner of the Indonesian National Army.

As a soldier field Suharto has been deeply involved in the field of physical struggle. In April 1950 when Suharto was a brigade commander of Mataram, Suharto successfully to stop the rebellion in Makassar, the years 1951-1953 Suharto successfully quell the rebellion DI / TII and rebellion battalion 426.

In 1956 Suharto was appointed commander Dipenogoro, three years later on the decision of the general Kasad AH. Nasution, Suharto drawn to attend a school of the Army Staff and Command (Seskoad). And in 1962, Suharto became commander of the Japanese in charge of western Irian recaptured from the Dutch colonialists.

Suharto increasingly prominent role in the event of rebellion PKI/30 September 1965, State the situation is very chaotic at that time, the prices are very expensive needs, the high price of fuel and cutting rupiah. And finally on 11 March 1966 he received full authority from President Sukarno to control the situation was chaotic state. On February 22 1967, Through the Majelis Permusyawaratan Rakyat Sementara (Provisional People's Consultative Assembly), Suharto was appointed president of the official and a year later that is at its peak Suharto was appointed president of the Republic of Indonesia through a special session of Assembly on March 27, 1968.

Over 32 years Suharto ruled Indonesia, recognized the development is quite fast but can not be denied also the Suharto government is not free from criticism, a lot of practice Corruption, Collusion and Nepotism and still rooted in the government of SBY.

Suharto received strong protests from around the nation Indonesia including from among the students who are very loud in the process of the overthrow of Suharto's rule and, ultimately backed away from power as president on May 21, 1998, Suharto declared retired as president at the age of 77 years.


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