The Celebrity Apprentice (2011) Season 10 Episode 9 “Shear Madness” Recap

at Sunday, May 01, 2011
Have you watched The Celebrity Apprentice (2011) Season 10 Episode 8 "Bitter Suites”? Now I will share recap of the episode of NBC's of The Celebrity Apprentice (2011) Season 10 Episode 9 “Shear Madness” . You can watch it at Sunday May 1st on NBC (9-11 p.m. ET). I hope you didn't miss it. But don't worry, I will share the recap of the Celebrity Apprentice (2011) Season 10 Episode 9.

The main task of this “Shear Madness” episode is all about hair. The Celebrities are tasked to create a live hair show featuring Farouk Hair System products and Farouk hair stylists. Farouk Shami is the one who produce Biosilk and CHI. For this hair show project, each of them will be provided with four models and two stylists. The judgement is focused on brand messaging, showcasing of products and tools and overall show. On this episode, the winner gets $40,000.

They have to pick project manager and Lil' Jon is the choosen men's project manager while Nene is the women's project manager. While choosing women's project manager, there are a huge fight between Nene and Star. The men team compromise that they won't fight when share the idea.

While the progress, Eric and Ivanka Trump visit them. And then the main show is held. On the boardroam, Donald Trump announce that the men team won. He also give a surprise that La Toya will join back to the team. Surprisingly, LaToya says she likes NeNe but thinks Star is a backstabber and Hope is just a follower. And the final decision is Hope got fired.

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