Hanson Come With 'MMMBop' on 'Dancing With the Stars'

at Tuesday, April 26, 2011
Hanson, do you still remember with this brotherhood band? Since I was young, MMMBop become a hit wonder. Hanson profile, Hanson is an American pop band formed in Tulsa, Oklahoma by brothers Isaac (guitar, vocals), Taylor (keyboards, piano, vocals), and Zac Hanson (drums, vocals).

Hanson's member biography. Clarke Isaac birthdate Nov. 17, 1980, Jordan Taylor birthdate Mar. 14, 1983 and Zachary Walker birthdate Oct. 22, 1985.

Ready for the 90's nostalgia song? Hanson will return to the 'Dancing With the Stars' show Tuesday night to perform a song from their new album.

During the Hanson's performance, the professional dancers on the ABC 'Dancing With the Stars' reality show performed to the MMMBop song.

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